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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
The three dishes
are actually quite
inconspicuous; the trees
hide them very well.
come more and more involved with that
„When I came back home, I acquired a
Toroidal 90 antenna.“ This type of anten-
na can be used to receive multiple satel-
lites all at the same time using as many
LNBs as needed for each satellite with-
out having to turn the antenna. The dish
as shaped in such a way that the focal
point is actually a focal line that stretches
across a large orbital arc. „I started with
four Quad LNBs for the satellites at 13
east, 19 east, 23 east and 28.2 east.“ And
just like any other satellite DXer, it didn‘t
take long before this was no longer good
enough for Daniel. Over the years he con-
tinuously added LNBs until now he has
a total of 12 LNBs on his antenna. „The
eastern-most satellite that I can receive
is at 33 east while the western-most is at
12.5 west.“ He also added two motorized
„Both of them are equipped with DiS-
EqC motors and Twin LNBs. One of the
dishes is 120cm in diameter and the other
To set up his satellite system Daniel Rank
used his Smartphone: he uses the Android
applications on it to remotely control his
homemade PC system through his own
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