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03-04/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
3. The 120cm antenna. This one is already prepared for the connection of a Ka-band LNB.
4. Daniel Rank's satellite reception system block diagram.
5. Daniel Rank in his shack. He sits here in the evenings and enjoys all of the channels he can receive with his
system. "I'm a football fan but I also like to watch documentaries." His favorite satellites are at 26 east for Dubai
Sports and 1 west for the numerous documentaries. "I also like to switch over to the satellites at 23 east, 12 west
and 24 west; there's always a sports feed there that I can easily find through a Blindscan."
6. Daniel demonstrates how he switches between the 16 LNBs. The various DiSEqC switches have to be correctly
switched for each LNB.
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