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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
Professional DVB-C Signal Analyzer
Signal Analyzer That Provides
the Perfect Installation
and Leakage Measurement
of Cable TV Networks
Rohde & Schwartz is well-
known for their high-quality
test instruments that can be
found primarily in laborato-
ries and R&D departments.
For mobile applications the
company has developed the
new EFL product line for use
by technicians to check and
measure an installation. One
of the products from this se-
ries, the R&S EFL210, is es-
pecially interesting.
It has been conceived for
the installation and mainte-
nance of cable TV networks
with emphasis on the maxi-
mum attenuation of leakage
signals. The analyzer comes
with a matching antenna and
it‘s this combination of the
R&S EFL-210 analyzer and
R&S EFL-Z100 antenna that
we put to the test.
Both of these products
come shipped in a very
sturdy hard plastic case that
was designed to be used in
extreme outdoor conditions.
Inside the case the analyz-
er and antenna are further
protected by a solid foam
material that perfectly fits
the R&S EFL-210 analyzer
and R&S EFL-Z100 antenna.
There are also cutouts in
the foam to securely store
the accessories such as the
power supply, coaxial cable
and various connectors.
In one of these storage
cutouts you‘ll also find two
special carrying straps that
allow you to carry the EFL210
analyzer on your body. Due
to the size of the antenna,
the carrying case for the
analyzer is actually quite
large: it measures about
52cm (20.5in) wide x 42cm
(16.5in) long x 22cm (8.6in)
high and weighs about 10 kg
(22 LBS) with all of its acces-
sories. One thing is for sure
though: this case definitely
Rohde & Schwarz EFL210 + EFL-Z100
The best and most complete professional
instrument for CATV operators and their
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