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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
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At first glance the analyzer
itself looks rather unusual in
that it isn‘t a typical rectan-
gular construction. Instead
it has a rounded, almost
oval shape to it. It won‘t
take long though for you to
realize the reason for this
ergonomic shape: the R&S
EFL210 sits very comfort-
ably in your hands and can
easily be operated with both
thumbs as can be seen by
the ring buttons located on
the right side. The analyzer
can be securely held in your
hands while at the same time
all of its functions can easily
be accessed.
Particularly clever are the
three eyelets on which the
carrying strap is attached.
This allows the technician to
carry the R&S EFL210 and
have both hands free at the
same time. This can be espe-
cially crucial if you need one
hand to adjust the antenna
and the other hand to hold
on to something. This carry-
ing strap system is different
from other systems that use
only one strap that hangs
around your neck.
Through a three-point sys-
tem the analyzer also has
a strap that wraps around
your waist. In this way the
R&S EFL210 doesn‘t dangle
around the upper part of
your body, something that
many technicians have to
live with every day and turns
out to be a safety hazard if,
for example, you‘re walking
around on scaffolding.
The front panel features a
set of buttons on the left side
and the right side. The set of
buttons on the left side in-
cludes four buttons in the
shape of a cross to navigate
through the different menus
(up, down, back, and OK) as
well as a button to access or
exit the menu and an addi-
tional button to take you to
the Main menu.
The Power button that
turns the analyzer on/off
is located on the lower left
alongside four LEDs. Three
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