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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
90. The R&S EFL Suite allows to edit the chan-
nel plans and of course you can create your
own customer channel plans. This is required
when you are working for a CATV provider,
who uses specific transponder frequencies.
Just program them once and off you go.
91. Another interesting feature of the R&S
EFL210 is the possibility to create macros,
which are basically frequency lists that you
select to be automatically measured. In the
first step you need to create a “Memory”,
which is basically a transponder. You need
to configure the transponder by inputting
its channel number or frequency value and
specifying if it is an analogue or digital tran-
92. Once you have your “Memory” defini-
tions setup, you can switch to the Macros tab
and create a macro. Select a name and put
the required memories inside.
After uploading the memories and macros
to the R&S EFL210, you can select the macro
and execute it. The R&S EFL210 will then
tune each memory and perform the measure-
ments, storing the results automatically in
the instruments memory. This is particularly
useful, when you need to measure the same
transponders over and over.
always be available to the installer to
test the installation of a customer.
With the R&S EFL Suite two additional
user-defined antennas can be set up in
case other antennas would be used be-
sides the R&S EFL-Z100 and the R&S
The operation of the R&S EFL Suite is
not at all complicated and doesn‘t first
require reading a user manual even
though a browser-based user manual
is available. We really appreciated the
import/export capabilities to Microsoft
In this way you‘re not dependent on
the functionality of the R&S EFL Suite;
you can, for example, also use Micro-
soft Word to create protocols. This
would hardly be necessary since the
protocols generated by the R&S EFL
Suite actually look quite good and can
even be supplemented by a company
logo. Overall, we very much liked the
R&S EFL Suite; you‘ll enjoy using it.
There are still a few bugs in the cur-
rent version but they will be corrected
by Rohde & Schwartz in an upcoming
update. For example, when the soft-
ware is linked with the R&S EFL210, it
incorrectly states that a new firmware
update is available when in reality that
update is only for the R&S EFL240 and
R&S EFL340 models.
The R&S EFL210 signal analyzer is the
ideal solution for cable operators and
their subcontractors that are responsi-
ble for the installation and maintenance
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