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Vitor Martins
Test Center
Rohde & Schwarz EFL210
Professional DVB-C meter
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
● Allows a span over the whole 2.5 GHz frequency band
● Configurable RBW and VBW filters
● All common measurements available for spectrum: signal/
power level, bandwidth, up to three markers
● Integrated CATV analyser with analogue and digital measure-
ments (signal/power level, C/N, MER, BER, constellation diagram,
● Demodulator for analogue Radio and TV, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
● Leakage measurement through waterfall diagram in selected
frequency bands (FM, Aeronautics, VHF, UHF, LTE, GSM and WIFI)
● Includes directional antenna for aeronautic and LTE frequency
● Allows to measure leakage to comply with EMI regulations
● Easy and intuitive operation
● Highest accuracy
● Does not allow to capture screenshots in Leakage mode
The VBW filter is a Video
Bandwidth filter. Once the
HF signal has passed through
the VBW filter, it is digitized
by the detector. The signal is
digitized multiple times and,
depending on the setting
of the spectrum function, a
maximum value or an aver-
age value is calculated. The
video bandwidth sets the
sensitivity with which two
measured signal levels can
still be differentiated. And
just like before, the higher
the sensitivity, the slower the
generation of the spectrum
display. The R&S EFL210 sup-
ports video bandwidths from
100 Hz to 1 MHz.
Measuring Satellite
and Terrestrial Antennas
with the R&S EFL210
Although the R&S EFL210 was not conceived for satel-
lite antenna installations and doesn‘t come with a cor-
responding demodulator, it‘s still possible for the tech-
nician to set up satellite antennas with this analyzer.
For one thing the R&S EFL210 can display the required
spectrum from 950 MHz to 2150 MHz with every possible
function in real time. The R&S EFL210 is also capable
of supplying the necessary 14V and 18V for the LNBs
as well as switching between vertical and horizontal po-
larization. The only thing missing is the 22 kHz signal
to switch between the low and high bands. But it would
be good enough to install and align a small satellite an-
tenna. It‘s important to note that an installer working
under contract to a provider who sets up both CATV and
satellite reception systems would save themselves the
cost of a second analyzer.
The same scenario exists with the sporadic use of the
R&S EFL210 in aligning antennas for terrestrial digital
TV. Here the excellent real-time spectrum would help
and even amplifiers and active antennas could be used
with the available 5V, 14V, 18V and 24V. If you need to
set up antennas for DVB-T/T2, you could also use the
R&S EFL210.
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