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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
DVB-T and DVD Player Receiver
Entertainment Out of the
Box – With a Single Box!
Even at first sight the build
quality of the DVD320 is tru-
ly impressive. Once again,
Panodic shows that receiv-
ers don’t necessarily have to
look bland, dull and uninspir-
ing. What a welcome change!
The front panel of this DVB-T
receiver with integrated DVD
player features the disc tray
as well as three buttons for
operating the device without
the remote control. Added to
that are a segment display and
an easily accessible USB port.
The back panel of the DVD320
sports the RF input and output
sockets for DVB-T reception,
plus a total of six RCA jacks
for stereo audio, composite
video and YUV, apart from an
HDMI socket. Added to that is
a digital audio output that is,
however, only available as a
coax socket without an optical
The remote control that is
shipped with the DVD320 has
to take care of both receiver
and DVD functions, which
means the number of buttons
is on the high side. Nonethe-
less, Panodic did a great job
and whizzed up an easy-to-
use layout which requires lit-
tle to no familiarisation so that
first-time users should also
get the hang of it in next to
no time at all. In general, the
remote control is quite large
due to the many buttons that
are required for efficient op-
While the level of workman-
ship and the build quality of
the DVD320 deserve our high-
est praise we would have ap-
preciated a second USB port
on the back panel for a per-
manently attached external
USB storage medium.
If you take the remote con-
trol in your hand for the first
time you’ll probably notice a
key labelled DVD/STB right
away. You might suspect why
it’s there, and you’ll get proof
as soon as you turn on the
box. Rather than integrating
DVD functions into the DVB-T
receiver software Panodic has
opted to neatly create two
fully independent environ-
ments (DVB-T reception and
DVD player) in a single box,
using the same signal out-
puts. So the DVD/STB button
on the remote is your point of
departure and takes you to
one of the two environments.
The great thing is that you
can switch between modes
no matter what the box is
currently up to. This interest-
Panodic DVD320
Perfect companion for watching
terrestrial TV and content on discs
and external storage media.
are available as well: 480i,
480p, 576i, 576p, 720p 50
Hz, 720p 60 Hz, 1080i 50 Hz
and 1080i 60 Hz. If you don’t
want to decide yourself you
can also leave it to the box
by selecting either “By Na-
tive TV” (highest supported
resolution of the attached TV
panel) or “By Source” (reso-
lution of the source material).
The initial set-up is completed
with a channel search, which
in our case only took two min-
utes and four seconds and
detected all available DVB-T
frequencies at our location.
The main menu of the
DVD320 is of the classic kind,
which means it is easy to navi-
gate and makes for a straight-
forward user experience – just
what we expect from Panodic.
It goes without saying that
the whole range of channel
editing options are available,
so that users can easily re-
name, move, sort, PIN-lock
or delete individual entries. A
ing overall strategy deserves
a closer look, which is why
this test report also consists
of two sections, dealing with
DVB-T functions and DVD fea-
tures individually.
When you switch on the
DVB-T receiver for the very
first time it wants to find out
your exact reception region,
as well as your preferred
OSD language, video output
resolution and aspect ratio.
We did like the fact that the
DVD320 supports all major
European languages and also
provides its video output in
1080p 50/60Hz quality, if de-
sired. While this represents
the top of the line video reso-
lution, the following options
1...,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57 59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,...196
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