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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
total of eight favourites lists
can be set up so that each
family member can customise
his or her own list, or you may
opt to create genre lists or
be creative in any other way.
If you use an indoor antenna
with active signal amplifica-
tion you’ll be happy to know
that the DVD320 can be set to
provide the required voltage
via the coax cable. The large
range of personalisation op-
tions is completed by a num-
ber of OSD adjustments, the
possibility to activate audio
description of images by de-
fault and to turn on or off the
automatic time-shift buffer.
During everyday use we no-
ticed that the Panodic DVD320
reacts very swiftly to all com-
mands sent from the remote
control and that the OSD de-
sign makes for an above av-
erage user experience. Every
time a new channel is select-
ed the inserted info bar pre-
sents the title of the current
and next event for a few sec-
onds. Of course an electronic
program guide (EPG) is avail-
able as well, showing the cur-
rent and next events for five
channels at a time. Since the
DVD320 is a PVR receiver tim-
er entries can be created right
from EPG view by simply click-
ing on the event that should
be recorded. Unfortunately,
the number of timer entries is
limited to eight events.
If you want to switch to an-
other channel you can either
press the OK button to call up
the overall channel list or go
to one of the favourites lists.
New channels appeared in
less than one second in our
test, which adds tremendous
fun to zapping. We also liked
the smart integration and im-
plementation of all PVR fea-
tures: Up to two recordings
can take place simultaneously
while a third event is being
watched live. Channels that
are not available for live view-
ing due to recordings taking
place automatically disappear
from the channel list, so it’s
all a very straightforward af-
fair of what you see is what
you get. The Panodic DVD320
also comes with goodies such
as an integrated OSD tele-
text decoder, dedicated menu
buttons for language selec-
tion and subtitles, multi-pic-
ture mode for an overview of
what’s showing on different
channels, and – last but by no
means least – software up-
dates via the USB port. MP3
music files as well as video
files in the AVCHD, AVI, DivX,
Flash, Full HD, MOV, MP4,
MPEG, TS and WMV formats
can be played back flawlessly
and if you want to use your
TV panel for a slideshow with
your latest holiday photos we
can confirm that both JPEG
and BMP images work nicely
and add the finishing touches
to the already wide range of
features of this Panodic box.
When compared with all
the DVB-T options, the DVD
mode of the DVD320 has not
even half the features and
functions. But then again,
this was to be expected in the
first place. We did appreciate
the fact that the DVD player
willingly accepted and played
back the DVD+- R/RW, VCD,
CD, CD-R and CD-RW for-
mats, which leaves nothing to
desire. In addition, it can be
used as a fully-fledged mul-
timedia jukebox for a wide
range of file formats. In DVD
player mode, the video out-
put resolution can be set at
480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and
1080p, or the DVD320 can be
set to automatically use the
1. Initial set-up of the Panodic
2. DVB-T channel search
3. Main menu of the Panodic
4. Channel list editing
5. A total of eight favourites
lists are available
6. The DVB-T receiver offers
either an automatic or a manual
7. Manual channel search
8. The automatic search can
be restricted to free-to-air
9. Language settings
10. Adjusting the video output
11. Setting the internal clock
12. A total of eight timer entries
can be created
13. OSD settings
14. Favourites lists can be given
individual names
15. Visually impaired users can
permanently activate audio
description of images
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