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Active Power
Apparent Power
13 W 7 W 0.53
0 W 0 W 1
Thomas Haring
Test Center
Panodic DVD320
DVD player & DVB-T receiver
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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 03-04/2014
Active use during the first 15 minutes, followed
by 15 minutes in standby mode.
If you want a DVB-T receiver plus DVD player in a single box,
then look no further than the Panodic DVD320. We tested both
modes and it always cut a fine figure. Thanks to its user-friendly
and logical operation it is a perfect match not only for techies. We
also noticed its very low power consumption in standby mode –
which could hardly be measured at all.
The DVB receiver currently only accepts DVB-T signals, the
DVD player is not compatible with the Blu-Ray standard.
terms of compatibility. The re-
mote control comes with dedi-
cated buttons for calling up
the DVD menu, chapter over-
view or for repeating a single
or all tracks. With user-friend-
liness at such a high level you
will hardly feel a need to look
for the user’s manual of the
Our test revealed that both
audio and video quality are
nothing short of impressive.
And thanks to its built-in USB
port the Panodic DVD320 in
DVD mode cannot only access
multimedia content on discs,
but can also be fed with con-
tent via this USB port. This
is particularly convenient for
those who have many ripped
DVDs stored onto an external
USB harddisk. Simply hook up
your external storage medium
and you’re all set to party.
We should like to mention
at this state that in DVD mode
the DVD320 can play back au-
dio files in the M4A, MP3 and
WMA formats, while video
files must come as AVI, MP4,
MPEG or WMV only. This goes
to show that Panodic has well
and truly separated the DVB-
T mode from the DVD mode.
While both fall back on the
same output sockets, we’re
still talking about two com-
pletely independent environ-
In summary, the DVD play-
er turned out to be a reliable
buddy for virtually all kinds of
DVDs and CDs. It was even ca-
pable of playing back a slightly
damaged disc that we tried
out. And if you enjoy watching
DVDs from all corners of the
globe we’ve got another piece
of good news for you: The
tested DVB-T/DVD box plays
back all region codes without
any restriction at all.
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