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— 03-04/2014
functions and features Dek-
Tec proves us all wrong once
more. The application can be
fully remote-controlled, offers
timer-based recordings and
alert messages if something
goes wrong.
Professional users, in par-
ticular, will look for the SNMP
function of DtGrabber+.
SNMP is short for Simple
Network Management Proto-
col and since SNMP is an in-
dustry standard every SNMP
software will be able to con-
trol SNMP-enabled devices,
irrespective of the manufac-
A Management Information
Base (MIB) defines all func-
tions of the various devices
so that SNMP components can
communicate with each other.
DekTec offers the DtGrabber+
application complete with an
MIB table which is saved into
the program directory.
Once that information is
imported into whatever con-
trol software is being used,
DtGrabber+ becomes fully
integrated into the existing
What’s more, not only Dt-
Grabber+ as an individual ap-
plication joins the existing en-
vironment, but also all DekTec
hardware components identi-
fied by DtGrabber+.
If, for example, DTA-2138
creates an error alert, Dt-
Grabber+ will instantly cause
a so-called trap, which means
a control message is sent to
the SNMP control software
via UDP port 162. The control
software in turn will show the
data package according to the
MIB definition or will initiate
specific task sequences, de-
pending on the SNMP control
software that is used.
This way a text message
can be sent to the mobile
phone of the technician in
charge, for example.
MuxXpert Real-Time Mul-
tiplexing is the name of an
application that allows mul-
tiplexing and forwarding any
input signal. The feed signal
may originate from the tuner
or the ASI interface of a Dek-
Tec receiver and is then either
saved onto the hard disk or
provided via IPTV, ASI or a
DekTec modulator. The sky’s
From left to right: the DekTec DTU-215 VHF/UHF Modulator to
generate HFsignals from 47 MHz to 1000 MHz in any conceivable
digital modulation, the DekTec DTE-3137 rack-mounted DVB-S2
to IP and ASI internet receiver - ideal to forward DVB-S2
transponders over network, the DekTec DTA2137C DVB-S2
satellite receiver card with dual LNB inputs and two ASI ports (can
be configured as input or output) and finally at the far right the
DekTec DTA 2138 DVB-T2/C2 receiver card.
7. Taking it to extremes: what
you see is Hispasat’s (30.0W)
UltraHD demo transmission,
received with DekTec’s
DTA-2137C, re-multiplexed
with DecTecMuxXpert and
modulated with DekTec’s DTU-
215 Gold. The resolution was
the limit when it comes to the
number of combination op-
tions, which is why DekTec
has taken a somewhat uncon-
ventional approach when it
comes to working with the ap-
plication: Configuration takes
place with the help of XML
files, which can be edited and
adjusted with any XML editor.
If you now want to create your
own XML file from scratch
with all required configuration
parameters, you first have to
dig a little deeper and educate
yourself about different ways
of creating clearly-structured
and purposeful XML files.
Thankfully, DekTec provides
default configuration files for
all of its combination options,
and if need be those default
files can be edited and adjust-
ed to meet specific demands.
The main benefits of that
approach are that it firstly
takes the configuration phase
offline and secondly gives us-
ers virtually endless possi-
bilities for creating their own
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