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— 03-04/2014
StreamXpert TS Analyser ap-
plication. Once again, this
piece of software is not de-
signed for the DTA-2138 ex-
clusively, but will work with
all other DekTec products
that can provide a transport
StreamXpert TS Analyser
instantly detects the DTA-
2138, which can then be se-
lected as input adapter. Once
that is taken care of, all you
need to do is select the de-
setup environment. In addi-
tion, it is possible to build up
a whole library of XML con-
figuration files for different
jobs. Need an example? Just
imagine you have both a DTA-
2138 (DVB-C, DVB-C2, DVB-T
and DVB-T2) and a DTA-2137C
(DVB-S, DVB-S2 and ASI-IN/
OUT). MuxXpert Real-Time
Multiplexing allows you to
quickly and easily compile an
XML configuration file for mul-
tiplexing a DVB-T2 channel
with a DVB-S2 channel and
for providing that newly cre-
ated stream via the ASI OUT
interface while at the same
time saving the stream on
the heard disk for logging and
monitoring purposes.
TS Analyser
Apart from all other possi-
bilities, the DTA-2138 is also
perfectly suited for analys-
ing transport streams. To
this end, DekTec provides the
sired modulation type and
enter the specific frequency,
much like with the other ap-
plications mentioned above.
All remaining parameters are
adjusted automatically so
that the transport stream be-
comes available in next to no
time at all.
If required, all transponder
stream parameters can be
displayed, which is why the
application window is divided
into two main sections. In the
left section you can choose
between PID, TS or grid pres-
entation, while the right sec-
tion features tabs for PID,
TS, grid, TV, PCR and TR 101
290 display. Any combination
of tabs can be shown side by
side, which makes for a very
streamlined and meaningful
arrangement with all required
information available at a sin-
gle glance.
The current bit rate is simul-
taneously shown as a graph in
real time. Being a Windows-
based application, all window
sections can be moved and
17. StreamXpert is a full TV
analyzer software, which
allows to simultaneously
display the live picture. The
window is neatly organized
and gives quick access to
the huge amount of data
contained within a Transport
18. PCR stands for Program
Clock Reference and is used
to keep i.e. the audio and
video data synchronized. It
should be present at every
100 ms and its jitter (deviation
from this time interval)
should be within +/- 500 ns.
Monitoring this parameter
can be crucial to detect jitter
introduced by receivers,
multiplexers, modulators,
19. TR 101 290 represents
the technical report called
“Digital Video Broadcasting;
Measurement guidelines for
DVB systems” by JTC/EBU/
allows to overview the most
important parameters at one
20. Dissecting the Transport
21. The window can be fully
customized. Just drag each
element to where you want it.
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