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53. OSDEPGoverviewofmultiplechannels
54. If HbbTV content is recognized, DVBViewer Problends in a
correspondingsymbol in theOSD
55. HbbTV content canevenbe accessed via themainmenu
56. HbbTV fromGermanbroadcaster ARD
57. AccessingARD'sMediathek
58. Playbackof TVprogrammingviaARDMediathek
same time a TV PC card and
an external TV box were in
DVBViewer Pro also sup-
ports the HbbTV (Hybrid
Broadcast Broadband TV)
standard. During our tests
the HbbTV Plug-in worked
perfectly with German
broadcasters likeARDaswell
as with the British BBC or
Dutch NED1. We especially
liked that the HbbTV display
in DVBViewer Pro functioned
quickly and not with a slow
reaction time like you might
see from other receivers.
TheDVBViewer Pro also in-
cludes a fully-functional Me-
dia Center that can be used
to play back audio and video
files in nearly every possible
format. Then there‘s DVD
playback making the DVB-
Viewer Pro a DVD player as
well. There‘s also access to
media files via UPnP. And
it‘s this feature that held
our rapt attention during our
tests: it lets you access, for
example, an external net-
workharddrive that contains
thousands of songs.
In addition to all of the
standard functions available
in DVBViewer Pro, additional
functions can be added sim-
ply through theuseof itsown
plug-in interface. The selec-
tion includes nearly every-
thing from CAS emulators
to practical plug-ins such as
creating compatibility with
the remote control systems
of different manufacturers
or even integrating Internet
telephony via Skype.
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