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very confident in SPAUN‘s product line:
„Their reliability is unsurpassed.“ The
expertise they havewith large distribu-
tion systems also led to contracts with
extremely discerning customers: „For
example, we are the technical service
provider for theOlympic Park inMunich
and for the Marriot Hotel and Sports
Bar in Munich.“ And now the luxury
Mandarin Oriental hotel in Munich has
become part of that elite group.
„The best part about the installation
at the Mandarin Oriental is the recep-
tion of six satellite positions; a stand-
ard multiswitch can work with four
positions, but not more than that.“
The solution came with the SUR 211
F switch from SPAUN (new label: SUR
211 WSG). It involves the use of an
A/B switchwhich is gated by themulti-
switches. In this way two parallel lines
can be connected together increasing
the maximum number of satellite po-
sitions from four to eight. „Distribu-
tion to the guest rooms is handled by
1. TheSPAUN switches are allmounted very close together. And as youwould
expect with aquality system, the cable connections arealsoprofessionally
installed. Evenwhennobodywill ever see this installation except for thehotel's
technicians andTELE-audiovision's editors, it's easy to see that everythingwas
handled veryprofessionally, not just thoseportions that canbe seenout in the
2. The rackwith the IPTV combiners
3. Thebackof the IPTV combiner. Several of the slots arefitted for PayTV and
stuffedwith the correspondingSmartcards.
4. TheMandarinOriental Hotel incentral Munichnot far from theHofbräuhaus
and thehigh-endshoppingareaonMaximilians street (Maximilliansstraße).
IPTV“, explains Ingo Wölfel, „Some of
the transponders are fixed on PayTV
channels; the Smartcards are perma-
nently installed there.“ The FTA chan-
nels are activated in the IPTV tran-
sponder depending on demand. „There
are currently 88 transponders avail-
able but we are in the process of ex-
panding the system to 100 transpond-
ers.“ And even though the system
has been set up so that all of the 85
connected TVs can all be used at the
same time, it can‘t hurt to have some
reserve capacity available.
Mirko Menzel explains, „That is part
of our qualityphilosophy;wewant tobe
prepared for extreme cases even if we
never have to use it.“ This highlights an
argument that only on second thought
belongs in theQuality category: it‘s not
enough for everything to functionprop-
erly under normal circumstances. The
best possible quality only makes itself
knownwhen unusual situations surface
and everything still continues to func-
tion the way it‘s supposed to without
any limitations. The SPAUN products
used in the Luxury Mandarin Oriental
Hotel precisely fulfill this high quality
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