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4-Tuner HDTVReceiver
One, two, or even three tunersare
not enough?Whynot take four?
In the past we have already
presented the occasional re-
ceiver with three built-in tun-
ers in TELE-audiovision, but a
receiver with four integrated
tuners is new territory even
for us. Then again, times are
changing, the channel offer-
ing is increasing and the dis-
tribution methods are more
varied than ever. The fol-
lowing scenario is familiar to
many of us: We catch local
channels with our terrestrial
antenna,maybehookedup to
a cable operator and in addi-
tionwant to explore the globe
with satellite TV. Finally, with
the new quad tuner PVR from
Impex-Sat – distributed un-
der theGiga Blue brand name
– one size really fits all.
The front panel of the Giga
Blue HD Quad Plus strikes a
sleek yet elegant pose. It’s
striking feature is a 3-inch
VFD colour display which
shines thanks to a very spe-
cial bonus feature: If re-
quired, a received AV signal
can be shown directly on that
front panel display, or it can
be used for picture-in-picture
mode. What a clever move
from Impex-Sat.
A total of seven buttons are
hidden behind a flap and can
be used to operate the box
when the remote control is
misplaced or out of battery
power. Also behind the same
flap you will find two CI slots,
two internal card readers as
well as a USB port. In addi-
tion, the front panel features
the On/Standby button and a
multi-colour LED status indi-
cator, which can be custom-
ised via the receiver’s oper-
ating software. In general,
the box’s appearance is very
pleasing to the eye.
Shifting our focus of atten-
tion to the back panel, we’ll
discover that the Giga Blue
HD Quad Plus comes with
all connections options we
should ever require. They
are:HDMI, YUV, CVBS, stereo
audio, S/PDIF, Ethernet (gi-
gabit!), 2 USB ports, E-SATA,
RS-232, a socket for plugging
in the external power supply
First receiverwith4 tunersandwebTV–
aperfect companion for couchpotatoes
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