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unit and an always welcome
mechanical power switch to
fully disconnect the receiver
from themains.
By default, the receiver
is shipped with two tuners
for DVB-S2 reception, while
two(!) more tuners can be
added by users, if desired. To
that end, all you need to do is
unscrew and open the cover
of the box and slide one or
two additional tuners into the
corresponding slots on the
main board.
The manufacturer offers
tuners for either DVB-S2 or
DVB-C2/Twhich– contrary to
the two pre-installed tuners –
come with loop outputs. For
one, we appreciate the fact
that this has you covered for
all distributionsmethods, and
it puts users in a position to
decide which reception types
should be supported by their
receiver. The choice is yours –
what more could you ask for?
And while you’re looking
at the opened box, why not
seize themoment and add an
internal 2.5-inch S-ATA hard
disk to your Giga Blue HD
Quad Plus? The appropriate
frame and all required cables
are shipped with the box, so
you’re ready to go right away.
The great thing is that with
two additional tuners and an
internal hard disk you are
able to exploit all built-in fea-
tures and functions to the full.
The remote control shipped
with the receiver sits very
nicely in your hand and has
a top-notch look and feel.
We loved that fact that the
numeric keypad was shift-
ed to the lower section of
the remote so that the fre-
quently used PVR keys could
be placed in the upper area
where they are much more
convenient to reach. Most
conventional remotes are the
other way round and we can
confirm that Impex-Sat took
the right decision to change
that. To sumup, theGigaBlue
HD Quad Plus boasts excel-
lent build quality with a very
reassuring level of workman-
ship. The handbook, on the
other hand, is rather concise,
especially when considering
the huge range of features
and functions that are offered
by this product.
Similar to most competing
receivers, the Giga Blue HD
Quad Plus offers an installa-
tion wizard that guides users
through the initial setup pro-
cess. It’s interesting to note,
however, that this particular
receiver does not begin with
asking for your preferredOSD
language, but deals with the
video output signal before
anything else.
Soundsawkward?Not at all,
because what use is a list of
available languages that does
not appear on your screen in
the first place? And even if
there is one user in a million
that does not understand the
initial English language wel-
come screen, there is always
an insert directing such user
to the red button that brings
up the language selection
right away. It’s impressive
to discover that such a great
deal of thought has gone into
even the smallest details of
this product.
Coming back to the vid-
eo signal, 480i, 480p, 576i,
576p, 720p, 1080i or 1080p
are available via HDMI. In a
nutshell – you’ll findwhatever
you need.
Next, we go about setting
up the installed tuners: The
receiver finds out on its own,
what typeof tunersareslotted
in and offers only those con-
figuration options that apply
to the tuners in question. As
far asDVB-S2 is concerned all
parameters we’re looking for
are easily available – starting
with DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and
1.3, a number of pre-set LOF
values as well as manual LOF
input, andgoing all theway to
features suchasSCRunicable
support. The default satellite
list is filled to the brim with
a total of 220 entries which
in general are absolutely up-
to-date and cover European,
American and Asian orbital
48. Apart from standard standby, theGigaBlueHD 800Quad also
offers a deep standbymode that consumes almost no energy.
49. Various system settings for customising the receiver
according topersonal preferences.
50. Setting the local time zone
51. Even the behaviour of the status LEDon the front panel canbe
52. User interface settings
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