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TELE-audiovisionwas established in 1981 and today is the oldest, largest andmost-read digital tv trademagazine in theworld.
TELE-audiovision is seen bymore than 350,000 digital tv professionals around theworld and is available both in printed form and online.
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Dear Readers,
In every issue of TELE-audiovision you’ll find images of
our old issues of themagazine. It gives you a glimpse of
what receivers looked liked10,20andeven30yearsago.
What a surprise though: they don’t look much different
from the receivers of today. Over the courseof 30 years,
not much has changed in their design. But wait! That’s
not entirely true. In this issue we’re introducing a box
that sharply deviates from a standard receiver’s design:
it’s a unit with a built-inmonitor. Some of youmight be
thinking right now that this is nothing really special;why
would youwant towatch TV on amini-screenwhen you
have a big-screen TV already hanging on your wall?
Not so fast!With this littlemonitor the receiver has once
again become what it hasn’t been for a long time: the
control center for watching TV. The monitor turns the
receiver into a TV reception station from which all of
the TV channels can be controlled. That’s exactly the
opposite of the little mini-receiver that generally gets
hidden behind the TV so that it can’t be seen.
It’s totally different with this receiver: it sits there right
in the middle and is the headquarters for TV reception.
It won’t be next to the big-screen TV, instead it’ll be
located within the TV viewer’s reach and sight. He’s no
longer a TV viewer but rather a TV manager that uses
the control center to manage his TV viewing. And as it
shouldbe, this receiver comeswithmultiple tuner inputs
so that as the newly promoted TV manager you’ll have
plenty of channels to choose from.
In this way the digital receiver is no longer just a box
that receives signals and converts them, it has once
again becomemore; it has given the TV viewer the feel
that he is a TVmanager with decisions tomake. It’s fun
again to play around with the receiver; you can once
again enjoy searching for channels, changing them and
organizing them.
Editor-in-Chief TELE-audiovisionMagazine
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