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positions. Thanks to its in-
tegrated automatic DiSEqC
detection, the Giga Blue HD
Quad Plus is even capable of
assigning the right ports of a
DiSEqCmultiswitch to the se-
lected satellite positions.
Turning to DVB-C2 and
DVB-T now we can confirm
that the range of configura-
tion options is just as ex-
tensive as for DVB-S2. The
only downer is that DVB-T2
is not supported, which is a
bit of a fly in the ointment
in an otherwise untarnished
list of specifications. No mat-
ter whether it’s satellite or
you’re after, the initial setup
process is invariably com-
pleted with a channel search
on one or more satellite po-
sitions or DVB-C2/DVB-T fre-
quencies. Using the network
scan feature transponders or
frequencies belonging to the
same provider are recognised
and locked reliably, and if you
want to bring some order into
your results right from the
beginning, you can set the
channel scan to consider FTA
offerings only, for example.
Scanning takes its time, but is
a very thorough and precise
affair. In our test the Giga
Blue HD Quad Plus required
some eleven minutes to go
through all ASTRA satellites
at 19.2° East. HOTBIRD at
13° East was a slightly quick-
er story with seven minutes
and twenty seconds.
On a brighter note, the re-
sults of each scan left nothing
to be desired. On ASTRA, the
receiver identified 1630 TV
and radio channels, while the
number for HOTBIRD stood
at 2033. It was a similar ex-
perience for DVB-C2/T. The
receiver tookmore than eight
minutes for a scan of the en-
tire DVB-T bandwidth, but
identified all available chan-
nels in return. Right before
the installation wizard re-
leases you into your viewing
freedom, it looks at available
network options. DHCP can
be selected so that the re-
ceiver communicates directly
with the router for trouble-
free connection, and it is here
that you can also activate the
web interface.
Once all that is taken care
of, users will find themselves
in the channel list of the Giga
Blue HD Quad Plus. This list
72. DiVx videoplayback
73. Flash videoplayback
74. Full HD videoplayback
75. MP4 videoplayback
76. MPEG videoplayback
77. TS videoplayback
78.WMV videoplayback
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