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TELE-audiovision International— TheWorld‘s Largest Digital TV TradeMagazine
is made up of individual sec-
tions for satellites, providers
and favourites. It is possible
to create individual lists with
any number of channels so
that eachmember of ahouse-
hold can set up his or her own
list with favourite channels.
If provided by the channel,
the current schedule of each
channel is displayed right
next to its name in the chan-
nel list, which offers a smart
overview of events broadcast
byall your favourite channels.
Contrary to most receiv-
erswe have tested so far, you
don’t press the OK button on
the remote for the channel list
to pop up, but the Up/Down
button on the cross-shaped
central button. Apart from
a range of reception param-
eters of the selected channel
this view also displays the
title of the current and next
event. Need some in-depth
information? Simply press the
Guide button to call up cur-
rent and next events of 16
different channels at a time.
Another touch of a button is
all it takes to look up sched-
uled events for up to 14 days,
provided the individual chan-
nels broadcast the required
EPG data. And since we are
88. URL input lineof the
89.Webbrowser of theGiga
BlueHD 800Quad –seenhere
is the latest issueof TELE-
audiovision for online reading
90.Web interface
91. Channel list on theweb
92. EPG viewon theweb
93. The receiver canbeput into
standbymodeor re-startedvia
theweb interface
94. Messagescanbesent
directly to the receiver via the
web interface
95. Timer entriescanbecreated
via theweb interface.
96. Status informationabout
the receiver.
97. Resultsof anEPG search
via theweb interface.
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