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TELE-audiovision International—
dealing with a PVR receiver
here, you can easily create a
recording timer entry for any
event with a single touch of
a button as well, which will
then be recorded onto a built-
in hard disk or any external
storage medium that is at-
tached to the Giga Blue HD
Quad Plus.
One thing we have noticed
and which deserves special
praise is the receiver’s sup-
port of special EPG standards
such as Mediahighway of Ca-
nal+, Viasat EPG or Freesat
EPG which is used in Great
Britain. Our test showed that
it is possible to call up the
schedule of public and com-
mercial British channels such
as BBC or Channel 4 for days
in advance. Your average sat-
ellite receiver with standard
DVB EPG functionality would
not even show a single piece
of Freesat EPG information.
While it’s sometimes jaw-
dropping to discover how
many hundreds or even thou-
sands of channels are avail-
able via satellite, getting
some structure and order into
this offering is a much more
mundane job. But it’s a job
that has to be done no mat-
ter what, and with the Giga
Blue HD Quad Plus you don’t
even have to leave the chan-
nel list view in order to ac-
complish that task. Press the
Menu button to be offered a
range of options for deleting,
editing, ormoving one or sev-
eral channels in onego. If you
want to add a channel to your
personal favourites list, this is
the place to do it as well.
During everyday use, the
Giga Blue HD Quad Plus
creates a fabulous user
experience thanks to its
straightforward and largely
self-explanatory user inter-
face. Major functions such
as language selection, fa-
vourites lists, media player,
directory of existing record-
ings or a comprehensive list
of previously watched chan-
nels are never more than a
button on the remote away.
If you’re still into good old
teletext, you’ll be glad to find
out that themanufacturer has
thrown in an OSD version of
it as well. Channel switching
turned out to be very fast and
never exceeded one second,
evenwhen two different tran-
sponders or frequencies were
With a total of four installed
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