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ber will change. Through
Bluetooth drivers the COM
ports between COM1 and
COM24 are quite often al-
ready occupied resulting in
the R&S EFL210 connecting,
for example, via COM25. The
Update software automati-
cally tries to find the correct
COM port although some-
times this method doesn‘t
work or it would be faster to
just simply set the COM port
To upload the firmware the
analyzer needs to be con-
nected to external power us-
ing the power supply. This
should really be done with
any device to make sure that
the battery doesn‘t die during
the procedure.
Naturally we tried upload-
ing the firmware without the
power supply attached but
Rohde & Schwarz thought
about this possibilityandbuilt
a test into their update soft-
ware that prevents the pro-
cess from starting without
the power supply attached.
But that‘s not the only safety
net built into the software;
there‘s also a check to help
prevent the wrong firmware
from being uploaded. Since
we also had the upgrade
software for the smaller R&S
EFL110 model, we naturally
had to try uploading this ver-
sion to the EFL210.
Tomake a long story short,
it didn‘t work because theup-
grade softwaredouble checks
to make sure you‘re not try-
1. To start theupgradeprocess,
just obtain theR&SEFL210
Update software and install
it likeanyother softwareon
your computerwith aWindows
operating system. Note that we
tested abetapre-releasewith
versionnumber v3.00.00006
whichwill correspond to the
final v4firmware.
2. During the installation you
will be asked if theEFLdrivers
shouldbe installed and/or
upgraded. This isparticularly
useful in case you are installing
thefirmwareupgrade software
on acomputer that does
not have theR&SEFLSuite
3. Thefirmwareupgrade
4. Because thesedrivershave
not beendigitally signed
byMicrosoft, thiswarning
message isproducedby
Windows7. Rohde&Schwarz
isnot toblame, ashaving
driverssignedbyMicrosoft is a
procedure that isonlypractical
5. Drivershavebeen installed
successfully as expected!
6. Before connecting theR&S
EFL210, you canopen the
DeviceManagerwithin the
Control Panel. Thisway you see
thedriver being installedby
Windows. TheR&SEFL210 is
first recognizedby itsCP2102
USB toUARTBridgeController.
7. Once thedriver hasbeen
fully installed, theR&SEFL210
is listedasaCOMport with
thenameEFLDriver. Rohde&
Schwarz developed their own
customdriver insteadof using
agenericCP2102driver, thus
avoiding anypossibledriver
conflict withother similar
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