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the installation wizard auto-
matically leaves the stage,
and you’re all set to rumble.
For those caring to know,
the box comes with Android
4.2.2 JellyBean, which is one
of the most recent versions
of Android and works won-
derfully with the web TV and
media box. There was noth-
ing left to desire during our
endurance test –andwe fully
mean that!
Those of you familiar with
Android-based smartphones
or tablets will feel right at
home with the Panodic OTT
Android TV Box. It comes
with a total of three launch-
ers to choose from, each of
which serves the purpose of
creatinga central point of de-
parture for accessing apps,
multimedia content and set-
tings. One is Google‘s default
Android Launcher, the sec-
ond is the AmlMboxlaunch-
er and the third launcher is
1. Thishandywizardguides you through the installationprocess.
2. Language selection –apart fromEnglish theboxwe received
for testingalsocamewithSimplified andTraditional Chinese as
3. TheOSD layout andappearance canbeadjusted to the attached
4: Network settings.
5: Scanning for availableWiFi signals.
6: TheWPA andWPA2 encryptionprotocols are supported.
7: Oncebasic installation is completed, thePanodicOTTAndroid
TVBox is ready touse.
8: A total of three launchers are yours for choosing.
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