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24. As analternative, theoriginal AndroidLauncher that comes
withall Googledevices (Nexussmartphones and tablets) is
available aswell.
25. Positionyour favourite apps right on thehome screen.
26. Change thewallpaper according toyour personal taste.
27. Similar tosmartphones, it ispossible to freelypositionwidgets
on thehome screen.
28. Picturewidget right on thehome screen.
Let’s briefly discuss all three
of them:
Launcher is the default tool
that also comes with all
i.e. Nexus smartphones and
tablets. While it allows po-
sitioning favourite apps and
widgets on several different
screens, it generally has a
minimalist and somewhat ba-
sic look and feel.
By contrast, the AmlMbox-
launcher divides the screen
into three distinct sections.
On the left side there is
enough space for moving
your favourite apps, while
the right section consists of
date, time and the weather
forecast for the current loca-
tion. During our test, how-
ever, we could not get it to
work and nomatter what we
tried, there was no weather
forecast presented to us. In
the lower screen section us-
ers are offered five links cov-
ering local media files, apps,
web browser, system set-
tings, and the home screen.
launcher boasts the most
sophisticated graphic design
and looks like a virtual desk-
top with apps, photos, au-
dio, video, web browser and
system settings within easy
It’s great to know that all
three launchers can either
be used simultaneously, or
the preferred variant can be
set as default launcher. Next,
it’s time to start all required
apps, which come either pre-
installed, or are available for
download from the Google
Play store.
Whether it’s e-mail cli-
ent, calendar, contact tool,
web browser, media player,
picture viewer, maps, You-
Tube or Vimeo – with the
Panodic OTT Android TV Box
the wide world of the Google
Play store is at your finger-
tips, just likewith an Android
smartphone. Thanks to the
Google Chrome browser we
could explore the world wide
web, access our e-mails, call
up important events on the
calendar orwriteanoteusing
Evernote. If you are logged
into your Google account and
also use Google Chrome as
default web browser on your
PC all bookmarks, visited
pages and other informa-
tion is synced between all
devices. Books, magazines
and newspapers can also be
downloaded right to the Pan-
odic box using Google Books
for reading on the TV panel.
Apart from all those very
handy tools and features,
however, the Panodic OTT
Android TV Box has a clear
focus on multimedia. We
threw all sorts of media files
at the box (such as MPEG,
MP3,MP4, H.264, DivX,WMV,
AAC and APE) and – lo and
behold – all of them could
be played back flawlessly.
What’s more, smooth 1080p
video playback is possible
thanks to the ARMDual Core
Cortex A9 1.5 GHz processor
and its enormous process-
ing power. As far as built-in
memory is concerned, the
Panodic box comes with 1GB
NAND flash memory, which
should be more than enough
for virtually all tasks.
The Panodic OTT Android
TV Box also presents BMP
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