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and JPEG images flawlessly,
and thanks to its two USB
ports and the micro SD slot
you’re spoiled for choice
when it comes to attach-
ing external hard disks, USB
memory sticks or memory
cards. Music, video and pic-
tures saved in the network
can be accessed due to UPnP
compatibility. When we tried
out how well this feature re-
ally works we found that the
box quickly identified a net-
work hard disk, a Mac with
installed UPnP server as well
as another digital receiver. It
only takes a few clicks on the
remote control for the OTT
AndroidTV toaccessandplay
backall available content.We
did appreciate the fact that
the box does not only come
with a pre-installed UPnP cli-
ent but also a UPnP server.
This means that multimedia
files available to the Panodic
box from external storage
media are made available
to other devices in the net-
work as well. In case you’re
a subscriber to streaming
TV services such as Netflix
or Hulu you might be happy
to know that the box is per-
fectly equipped for handling
those streams. While the re-
quired apps are not installed
by default they can easily be
downloaded from the Google
Play store. The same is true
for theVimeovideoplatform.
Since the Panodic OTT An-
droid TV Box is fully based
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