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qualitydeliveredby simpliTV,
even thoughwe shouldmen-
tion that simpliTV distributes
the signal from individual TV
stations “as is”, whichmeans
there may be considerable
variations from one channel
to the next, or even between
different broadcasts on the
same channel. Commercial
channels, in particular, ap-
parently prefer the use of
upscalers to native HD pro-
duction technology.
During our test, the Neo-
tion module did an excellent
job in combination with sim-
pliTV. We did not experience
any signal dropouts and the
receiver’s response times
were impressively fast – just
as with standard FTA chan-
nels. The automatic firmware
update feature is a smart so-
lution as it takes a frequently
cumbersome burden off your
shoulder. The Neotion mod-
ule is kept up to date and all
you have to do is enjoy ter-
restrial HDTV.
1. TheNeotionmodulehasdetected anewfirmwareversion for
2. The internal firmwareof theNeotionmodulecanbeupdated
automaticallyover the air.
3. It doesnot takemore than a coupleofminutes for theupdate
tobe completed.
4. Sat.1HDAustria, receivedwith theNeotionmoduleusing the
CI+ standard.
5. simpliTV channel list.
6. ProSiebenHDAustria
8. Even though simpliTVusesCI+ encryption, it ispossible to
fast forwardor rewindwhenplayingback existing recordings.
9. simpliTV even allows time-shift viewingwithCI+.
10. OnlyCI+enabled receiverswill beable toproperly identify
themodule and activate thedecryptionprocess.
11. Technical specificationsof the insertedmodule.
12. ThesimpliTVmoduleworkswithout asmartcard and
is addresseddirectly through theDVB-T2broadcasting
13. The terrestrial reception rangeofferedbyour rooftopUHF
antenna. Thehighlighted channels 36, 53and 60 carry the
DVB-T2HD channelsof the simpliTVpackage.
14. The terrestrial reception rangeofferedbyour small indoor
antenna. Even though thesignal levelsare rather poor, the
Neotionmodule is still capableof decrypting simpliTV channels.
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