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TELE-audiovision International—
restrial DVB-T2 signal into a
specific frequency to be car-
ried on the coax cable from
a CATV head-end. Not such
a big deal anymore, and you
can even throw in hourly log
reports detailing all relevant
parameters sent to the tech-
nician in charge by e-mail.
Sounds almost too good to
be true, we here you asking?
Well, we tried to find out if
it’s really possible to pro-
gram your own piece of soft-
ware without a lot of hassle
and years of in-depth deve-
loper expertise. As a matter
of fact, we’ve been on the
lookout for quite some time
for a custom-made applica-
tion that nobody really re-
quires apart fromus or other
receiver testersworkingwith
a variety of digital signal ty-
pes. So off wewent, attemp-
ting to create our own piece
of softwarewith thehelpof a
DekTec API.
DekTec offers the API for
Windows in 32 bit and 64 bit
versions (including a DTA-
PINET version for the .net
environment), as well as, Li-
nux. For this test, I downloa-
ded the SDK and the source
code of a sample application
inVC#, which sends a Trans-
port Stream to theDTU-2111
modulator. Naturally I alrea-
dy had Microsoft Visual Stu-
dio 2010/2012 installed, but
you could get this develop-
ment tool for free from Mi-
crosoft, as long as you settle
with the Visual Studio Ex-
press version, which should
bemore than enough.
The source code fromDek-
Tec is very well documen-
ted, but it is basically just
a console application, which
means that you run the fi-
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