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— 07-08/2014
1. Mitra Tarnonsky is Industrias KC’s Marketing Manager for its satellite
division; she is also actively involved in sales.
2. Carlos Paz (right) is the satellite division’s Production Manager. Claro Franz
is standing to his side (left). They are showing us a panel from the 4.5-meter
dish. 18 of them are needed for a complete dish.
3. A look inside the production facility. This is where the satellite dishes are
manufactured that carry the name Propulsa.
4. This is the press used to produce the panels for the 4.5-meter antenna. “It
takes about 15 minutes to make one of these panels”, explains Production
Manager Carlos Paz.
Ten years before that, Carlos Kase
founded a metal fabrication business
that he named Industrias KC. The “KC”
doesn’t just represent his initials but in
Spanish these letters also sound like his
last name. In the 1990’s Propulsa and
Industrias KC cooperated together which
ultimately lead to a strategic alliance in
2010: Propulsa became a part of Indus-
trias KC and Propulsa founder Juan Car-
los Vegas was put in charge of the satel-
lite division. “Industrias KC is made up
of four divisions, one of them is the one
where we manufacture satellite dishes
and C-band feeds.”
Production numbers with these kinds
of large dishes are not all that high.
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