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— 07-08/2014
“We have sales of about US$7 million a
year”, reveals Juan Carlos Vegas to us,
“Of that about US$1.5 million comes
from the satellite segment.” He is opti-
mistic for the future. The Argentine gov-
ernment has broken the cable company’s
monopoly; this will create a large num-
ber of community systems that will each
need satellite dishes.
Industrias KC is so optimistic that they
are currently in the process of central-
izing their four Buenos Aires locations.
“We are in the process of constructing
our new headquarters in an industrial
park, the Parque Industrial General Rod-
riguez, located about 40km west of Bue-
nos Aires. By 2014 all of our production
operations should be moved into the new
But things don’t always work as
planned in Argentina. For example, the
government has imposed strict importa-
tion hurdles which have created a few
problems for Industrias KC’s satellite di-
vision: “We can, for example, no longer
manufacture any fiber-glass dishes be-
cause the raw materials have become too
expensive since it has to be imported.” A
similar problem exists with cable head-
ends: “We’re planning to significantly ex-
pand this segment but we can’t import
sufficient quantities.”
1. Claro Franz shows us the mounting
platform for the 4.5-meter dish. This
isn’t really suitable for a private user.
In the background is the mast that will
eventually carry the 4.5-meter antenna
at the reception location.
2. This is what the section looks like on
which the 4.5-meter panels will later be
fastened. These are also manufactured
by Industrias KC.
But after being in business for more
than forty years, Industrias KC knows all
of the ins and outs and will eventually
find solutions to these problems so that
they can continue to remain successful in
the satellite business.
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