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— 07-08/2014
Xiaojun Tan presents on his
laptop his very successful website
for Chinese TVRO fans: www.
The Information
Source for Satellite
DXers in China
Xiaojun Tan has been operating the
Internet site since
the year 2000. There you’ll find every-
thing you need to know in detail about
all the satellites in the Chinese sky. He
even publishes a frequency list that
is regularly updated. All the satellites
from 49°E to 172°E are listed. Xiaojun
Tan lives in Guangzhou, the capital of
the Guangdong province in southern
China and that’s where we met up with
His first experience with satellite
reception occurred in 1998: “That’s
when I bought my first satellite dish;
it was 75cm in diameter.” He used that
dish to receive the APSTAR 7 satellite
at 76.5°E. Two years later he started
his website as a BBS (Bulleting Board
System). “I also published quite a bit of
satellite product news.”
Since 2007 he’s been working full
time for his own website. “This is made
possible by the satellite dealers and
manufacturers that advertise on my
site.” This works only because Xiao-
jun Tang spends almost all of his time
keeping his site up to date.
He gets help from roughly 2000 ac-
tive TVRO fans – that’s what the sat-
ellite DXers in China call themselves
– from the English expression ‘TV Re-
ceive Only’. Unfortunately, not every-
thing is rosy in Xiaojun Tan’s life: “When
I moved into a new apartment in 2009,
I was not allowed to erect any satellite
dishes.” Since then he’s only been able
to watch satellite TV when he drops by
his many TVRO friends in Guangzhou
to talk shop. “The active TVRO fans
meet once a month to share their ex-
periences”, he tells us, “and we’ve also
already met up at the CCBN trade show
in Beijing.”
With an average of 5000 active
threads every month, it’s easy to see
that his website is heavily used. The
TVRO fans in China can use this web-
site to find out everything they need
to know for their hobby. Xiaojun Tan
is convinced that satellite reception in
China will continue to grow, especially
for the reception of HDTV channels.
“The necessary bandwidth for HDTV is
only available through satellite technol-
ogy”, he is convinced. With his www. website he has be-
come and will be for the future the right
source of information for all the satel-
lite reception friends in China.
TVRO Website ASIATVRO, China
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