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— 07-08/2014
42. The Xbox Media Center uses a PVR client to connect to the
external DVB receiver.
43. PVR Client settings.
44. Main menu of the Xbox Media Center.
45. Add-ons can easily be downloaded from the Internet to the
Matrix ARM mini PC.
46. Settings menu of the Xbox Media Center.
47. The OSD design can be customised in order to meet users’
preferences and requirements.
48. Setting the time.
49. The local weather right from the Internet.
50. Add-ons are available for download in different categories.
51. The Xbox Media Center comes with a built-in web server, which
can be used to remotely control certain functions using a web
browser when away from home.
52. It doesn’t stop with just TV and radio reception: EPG
information and PVR features are of course also available.
53. The Xbox Media Center supports audio and video playback with
a huge range of file formats.
54. DivX video playback
55. Full HD video playback
56. MP3 player
57.Image viewer
58. Looking at the local weather report.
59. The channel list of the Xbox Media Center for TV and radio
reception with the help of an external DVB receiver.
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