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Dear Readers,
The separation of hardware and software continues to
progress and in this issue we can show you yet another
example of this trend: a box that is actually see-through
so that you can see that nothing is being hidden from
you; there’s nothing but hardware in it. The manufacturer
makes their own software version available so you can
use the box but you can also install any number of other
software solutions.
This lets the manufacturer focus solely on the box’s
hardware components so as to optimize them while
the user can install the software that best suits him. If
there was no demand for this, manufacturers wouldn’t
pay any attention to this trend at all. We here at TELE-
audiovision are wondering if this trend will become
as explosive as it did with mobile telephones: a large
number of manufacturers in large part use the same
operating system: Android.
On the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be any one
particular digital TV software program that stands out
above all the rest to become the dominating system.
There’s still plenty of competition between a significant
number of different versions and it is not expected that
any particular one of them will prevail over the others.
The requirements of the users vary so much from one
another that they would likely not be satisfied with a
single standardized system.
Digital TV will remain free of any one specific dominating
system and we will continue to enjoy being able to load
our favorite software onto the hardware. Adventurous
programmers can continue to develop new operating
systems and create new user interfaces. We can’t wait
to see what’s yet to come!
Alexander Wiese
Editor-in-Chief TELE-audiovision Magazine
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