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— 07-08/2014
figuration, and if you’re faced
with more exotic demands,
the LOF can always be set
manually as well.
No matter if you’re using
the Matrix ARM mini PC with
your run-of-the-mill Ku band
system, a C band antenna or
an LNB with circular polarisa-
tion, you always have all set-
ting options at hand to cre-
ate a smooth match between
hardware and software. With
a total of 148 pre-set Euro-
pean, Asian and American
orbital positions, the internal
database is a powerful tool for
reception, and in order to keep
that list up to date Tenow has
integrated an online update
feature that can be launched
with a single touch of a but-
ton. A word of caution: While
this feature is a godsend in
theory, it did not really work
to our complete satisfaction
during our test. Even after
an update, we were left with
some out-dated designations
such as ARABSAT at 26° East,
plus we were missing a num-
ber of live transponders that
had been on air for some time
already on various positions.
Like most users out there
we always start out with an
automatic channel search. In
this particular case, we can
advise that a certain level of
patience is required, since our
search on ASTRA 19.2° East
and HOTBIRD 13° East – one
of the most popular combina-
tions in Europe – took almost
30 minutes. Manual and PID
search modes are not avail-
able at all. On a brighter note,
reception is not restricted to
DVB-S2, which means that
DVB-T and DVB-C reception
boxes from Tenow are fully
supported too.
In addition to standard
TV and radio reception, us-
ers also have the Xbox Me-
dia Center at their disposal,
which is software available
under General Public Licence
(GPL) provisions for the MS
Windows, Apple Mac OS X,
Linux, iOS, Android, Raspber-
ry Pi and Apple TV operating
systems. Designed as a con-
ventional media center, this
software cannot only be used
to play back audio and video
files, but also to support live
TV reception through its PVR
So how do two different
worlds interact in the Matrix
ARM mini PC? Well, essentially
Tenow has built in drivers that
act as interfaces between the
Xbox Media Center and the
actual reception hardware.
Technically speaking, we’re
looking at two entirely dif-
ferent systems, which do not
impact each other. The Xbox
Media Center sends informa-
tion to the external reception
box, telling it which channel
was selected by the user. The
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