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07-08/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
Development. He set aside
some generous time for
an exclusive interview with
TELE-audiovision in which
he introduced the latest in-
novation by Jiuzhou, which
is called Home Media Cent-
er Gateway DTC9623. It’s a
long product name, standing
for nothing less than the fu-
ture of watching television at
The new box bundles all
information and distributes
content wirelessly through-
out your home. In a few
years’ time we will all use
boxes like that at home, since
there’s no doubt the future
will be wireless. Here at Jiu-
zhou we are afforded a sneak
peek into what that future
will look like.
Richard Han explains to us
how the Gateway DTC9623
works: “The C in the model
designation stands for DVB-
C, as this initial launch is for a
Chinese cable provider.” The
box comes with two DVB-
C tuners as standard. “One
tuner processes the TV signal
distributed by the cable pro-
vider, while the second tuner
basically acts as an Internet
connection that takes care of
all online applications such
as standard Internet access,
web TV offerings or VoIP.”
What’s particularly strik-
ing with this device is that all
sockets are clearly labelled
as input sockets. Output is
strictly wireless. “We use the
DNLA protocol and as far as
multicast is concerned we
have opted for Miracast tech-
This way up to six TV
panels or monitors can be
hooked up wirelessly. “The
bandwidth is designed to ca-
ter for up to six simultaneous
HD transmissions.” Both the
2.4 GHz and the 5.8 GHz WiFi
bands are used.
What’s more, additional
peripheral devices can be
added to the set-up with
Bluetooth 3.0. “You can eas-
ily connect a wireless key-
cellular provider takes care
of the technical side and all
you need to do is get a SIM
card and turn on your phone.
But what about using wire-
less technology at home?
When it comes to watch-
ing TV, Jiuzhou – one of the
largest receiver manufac-
turers worldwide – has now
launched a solution that does
away with cables altogether
and connects all TV panels
using WiFi instead.
Bye bye cable tangle, bye
bye scratching your head
while pondering which cable
connects to which socket. No
need to get furious any long-
er when that important cable
lacks an inch or two in length,
or when a connector simply
won’t fit into a device’s sock-
et. In a nutshell, forget about
cable madness, and enjoy a
new freedom of placing your
TV where you actually want
it, not where a wall outlet
is positioned. Change your
mind? Move your TV! And if
you watch TV on your tablet
PC, you’ll never loose a signal
no matter where you roam
inside (or even outside) your
Richard Han is Vice General
Manager of Jiuzhou (picture
left) and head of Research &
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