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— 07-08/2014
LNB with DiSEqC
When you want to receive
two different satellites
without a motorized dish,
you either use a monoblock
LNB or two separate LNBs.
A monoblock can be used
only in special cases, for
example, if the satellites
of interests are only a few
degrees apart. In all other
cases you need two sepa-
rate LNBs and a DiSEqC
switch so that your receiver
can switch from one LNB to
But this is not true any-
more! Maxing Electronics
Technology have developed
a very interesting product.
It is an LNB with a DiSEqC
switch built-in. Maxing gave
this unique new product
the name MB04 and it looks
like a typical universal Twin
LNB at first sight. But that
is misleading. Do not con-
nect two receivers to this
The best solution
to add a 2nd LNB outdoors
Forget a Separate
DiSEqC Switch
device! Instead, you should
connect a coax cable from
another LNB to one of the
MB04 F connectors and a
cable from a set-top-box
to the other F connector.
Your receiver should be set
up to work with a DiSEqC
switch. DiSEqC position A
is for the MB04 LNB while
position B is for the sec-
ond LNB. This second LNB
can be any regular LNB. In
this way, you do not need
a two-way DiSEqC switch
in your antenna setup. It
is inside the Maxing MB04
What are the benefits?
Well, you have only three
F junctions instead of five
in a typical setup. Thanks
to that you can expect bet-
ter reliability. Also the ca-
bling is somewhat simpler
as you do not have to care
where to mount the DiSEqC
switch. Best of all: you do
not have to care to insulate
the DiSEqC switch against
the waether, as it is well
protected inside the hosu-
ing of the MB04 LNB.
As the MB04 looks like a
Twin LNB it is the same size
and it is not any heavier.
Its workmanship leaves
nothing to be desired. And
what about the parame-
ters? Well, its Noise Figure
is specified as 0.3 dB mini-
mum and 0.7 dB typical. All
other parameters seem to
be quite typical for a uni-
versal LNB.
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