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— 07-08/2014
Petra Bauersachs is TC
Unterhaltungs Elektronik
AG's CEO and is also at the
same time the company's
advertising model for the
Fernsehfee 2.0
Solutions Bring
More Enjoyment
to TV Viewing
The more TV channels that become
available, the harder it becomes to keep
track of all the channels. How can you
bring more organization to the channel
list and at the same time enhance the
user‘s viewing pleasure?
If you ask the broadcasters, they‘ll tell
you that‘s there‘s nothing to optimize:
as far as their concerned, TV viewers
shouldn‘t be switching channels and if
they do, it should be to another one of
their channels. But that itself could be
problematic; it would be easy to bypass a
channel that would be just as interesting
to the viewer.
The incredibly high number of TV chan-
nels makes navigation through it all very
difficult for the individual TV viewer:
there are simply too many channels that
you would have to keep track of in order
to find every channel that you would be
interested in.
There is a company that decided to
address this specific concern: TC Unter-
haltungs Elektronik AG from Koblenz,
Germany has a new product, the Fernse-
hfee 2.0, that we recently introduced in
TELE-audiovision (issue 01-02/2014). It‘s
an Android satellite receiver that can in-
telligently take all the TV channels and
display them in a list based on the user‘s
preference. We wanted to know how it
all actually works and who’s behind the
TC Unterhaltungs Elektronik AG has
leased some spacious office space in Ko-
blenz located in the western part of Ger-
many. Here Petra Bauersachs and Guido
Ciburski tell us about the company’s sur-
prisingly long history that began back in
1995. „Back then we applied for a patent
for an ad blocker“, recalls Guido Cibur-
ski. Together with Petra Bauersachs they
came up with the idea: „We became so
annoyed with all of the many commercial
breaks that we started thinking, is there
anything that can be done about this?“
The idea of an ad blocker was so tempt-
ing that the two of them, who together
still run the company today, managed to
find investors that invested over 1 million
DM in 1996. „We leased some office space
and immediately increased the number of
our employees to 16.“
Back then new technology emerged
that allowed the use of the unused fre-
quency range of an FM station to trans-
mit data. This later became RDS. The two
TC Unterhaltungs Elektronik AG
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