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— 07-08/2014
sells these Fernsehfee 2.0 boxes as hardware, the real
heartbeat of the company is the software: the process-
ing of the TV channel content and the personalization
of the TV viewer‘s EPG. „We see ourselves as a system
supplier for TV and receiver manufacturers“, says Guido
Ciburski regarding the company‘s strategy.
The Fernsehfee 2.0 shows that the system works per-
fectly for German-language TV channels. „Everything
is already in place for expanding the system to include
other languages“, reveals CEO Petra Bauersachs. Now it
all depends on manufacturers interested in incorporat-
ing the Fernsehfee 2.0 system into their devices so that
other TV viewers can really enjoy watching TV!
4. This is the Fernsehfee 1.0. The FM tuner is to the left and was used to
receive the RDS signals that contained the EPG and switching signals for
the ad blocker.
5. The TVOON box didn't work out too well: TV viewers had to leave their
PC on for it to work. Many users weren't all that crazy about that idea so in
the end the system had to be shut down.
6. A look at the heart of the system: every TV broadcast is categorized and
then evaluated to determine which ones should be viewed. This statistic
makes it possible to individually personalize the EPG to every TV viewer.
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