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Buenos Aires
TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 07-08/2014
Juan Carlos Vegas, Founder of dish
manufacturer Propulsa who today runs the
satellite division of Industrias KC, can be seen
here standing in front of a poster showing
the 4.5-meter dishes that have already been
installed. For those who are interested:
due to interference caused by terrestrial
transmissions, Industrias KC constructs a
Farady cage around the satellite dish.
Satellite Dishes
and C-Band Feeds
from Argentina
Large dishes are always in need; the
numbers are naturally rather low since
generally only professional users need
big dishes. One of the large dish manu-
facturers is the company Industrias KC
in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that markets
its satellite products under the brand
name Propulsa (
antenaskc). Since there aren’t too many
manufacturers of 4.5-meter diameter
dishes, we were a little curious and de-
cided to pay them a visit. Manager of
Industrias KC’s satellite division is Juan
Carlos Vegas, a long-time reader of
Juan Carlos Vegas found-
ed the company Propulsa
back in 1982 along with two
other partners. He remembers
back: “The distribution of TV
channels via satellite was just get-
ting started back then and large con-
tracts from the large satellite operators
were issued for the installation of recep-
tion systems that would redistribute the
satellite signals.” That meant enormous
numbers of satellite dishes that Propulsa
manufactured back then. The company
was thereby able to make a name for it-
Dish Manufacturer Industrias KC (Propulsa), Argentina
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