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09-10/2014 —
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Quality antennas
for the world’s
largest content
Major providers of pay TV via satel-
lite usually give their subscribers the
necessary reception equipment free of
charge, or – to put it in a more real-
istic way – the price is included in the
monthly subscription fee. In most cas-
es, those components are not manufac-
tured by the content providers them-
selves, but rather are sourced from
third-party manufacturers which act as
OEMs or ODMs.
If you’re in the OEM business and are
looking for a steady flow of orders and
revenue from content providers, one
of the key requirements is consistently
high quality. JONSA is an excellent ex-
ample for that. The Taiwanese compa-
ny was founded in 1988 and has been
producing satellite antennas for leading
satellite pay TV providers around the
world. What made JONSA such a major
player? There is only one way to find
out and so we embarked on a journey
to Nantou in Taiwan. Nantou is a rather
small town close to Taichung in west-
ern Taiwan, yet it is here that JONSA
has set up its administrative offices and
huge production halls.
The business was founded by David
Lin in 1988 and up to this very day he
is owner and chairman of JONSA. Origi-
nally, JONSA was in the business of
erecting large halls or – more precisely
– of producing metal walls for setting
up halls. So come to think of it, it was a
pretty small step from straight walls to
parabolic shaped antennas.
The first model introduced by JONSA
was a 120cm dish which at the time
was lathed from a single sheet of metal.
Initially, production volumes were tiny:
“JONSA’s monthly output was roughly
David Lin is
founder, owner
and chairman of
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