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09-10/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
5. This is how antennas are pressed: The roll on
the left consists of endless sheet metal, with a new
roll of 0.8mm sheet metal weighing 2,200kg. The
metal is fed from the roll to the large press fully
automatically. Next, antennas are put into shape
from that sheet metal with a pressing force of up
to 600 tonnes. Large presses like this one have an
hourly output of up to 500 antennas with a diameter
of 60cm.
6. View of one of the production floors where
mounting components for satellite antennas are
7. View of the production floor with large presses,
which make antennas out of pre-cut metal. These
presses are perfectly suited for the production of
smaller antennas, such as the 45cm variant.
8. Feedarm holder production: Pre-cut tubes are
ready for assembly.
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