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09-10/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
22. Specimens of all accessory components like clamps and
pole holders are stored here. Components from the actual
production chain are checked for accuracy against these
specimens on a regular basis.
23. The result of an optical 3D check. The calculated
measurement results are compared with the corresponding
value of the production plan to determine the manufacturing
24. An optical 3D device is used to determine the accuracy
of components such as clamps and pole holders.
25. The quality assurance library hosts all sample plans for
26. An electron microscope is used to have an in-depth look
at the surface of an antenna component.
27. The surface of components is checked with this x-ray
28. How do components made of plastic (such as LNB
holders) react to continuous exposure to sunlight? This
UV test unit gives the answer. Components – or parts
thereof – are mounted on slots and exposed to UV radiation.
Exposure over 1000 hours is equivalent to a real-world
exposure of one year. JONSA tests its components for a
service life of eight years.
29. Stretching and punching: The robustness and
sturdiness of antennas can be tried and tested with this
machine. It stretches and punches components and at the
same time measures how much the tested material gives
way under pressure.
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