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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014
30. Carl Chen is the head of Supply Chain
Management. His position is paramount
for guaranteeing a flawless production
process and maintaining consistently
high quality.
31. Stanley Chiang is production
manager at JONSA and has the entire
production operations under his control.
32. Jimmy works as product manager and
is responsible for product development.
33. There’s no shortage of technical
challenges at JONSA. At the moment
all eyes are on the Ka band with
its extremely detailed and precise
requirements. Rick Tseng is the manager
in charge of the R&D team. Here he is
seen in the test lab, looking at a Ka band
feed made by JONSA.
34. 17 members of staff in the Sales Team
act as interface between JONSA and its
customers. Among them are Paula Chen
(left), who is in charge of marketing, and
Conny Chen (right), head of Sales.
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