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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014 —
IMC Group Acquires
Digital Test Equipment
Experts Horizon
Global Holdings
is a well-known brand to
TELE-audiovision readers. Since 2005
we have presented all their new signal
meters in extensive test reports. Each
time their products were on top of the
technology. An equally prominent and
quality obsessed company is the IMC
Group, based in Letchworth (Herford-
shire) in the North of London.
The IMC Group Limited was formed
in 2007 by the amalgamation of Lamer-
holm Electronics Limited, Hanwell In-
struments Limited and Jekyll Electronic
Technology Limited. More recently, The
IMC Group has acquired Silvertree En-
gineering Limited. The group has over
100 years of experience in environmen-
tal monitoring and offers a compre-
hensive range of instrumentation and
communication systems. The group’s
production range runs from small
batches to thousands of units.
Apart from the newly acquired HORI-
ZON brand The IMC Group trades under
these 4 brand names:
Environmental monitor-
ing and control solutions. HANWELL of-
fers over 100 data loggers, radio and
GPRS transmitters to cover parameters
as energy, temperature, humidity, wind
speed/direction, Lux & UV, dust, insect
pest control, CO2, pressure and many
more. Users are given the tools to ac-
curately measure and monitor areas
with potential risk of damage either
in rooms or objects within building, in
transit or even in remote locations.
Wireless temperature moni-
toring solutions. The ICESPY system is
used mainly in the food, pharmaceuti-
cal and healthcare sectors to wirelessly
monitor temperatures within fridges,
cold rooms, storage facilities, vehi-
cles, warehouses, laboratory equip-
ment such as freezers and incubators.
The ICESPY wireless monitoring system
consists of transmitters that log, store
and send readings to its base and data
Signal Meter Manufacturer, HORIZON, UK
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