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09-10/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
It is a one of a kind show where one
can negotiate business with a wide
range of professionals from the content
industry under one roof. From individ-
ual creators (700 creators are expect-
ed to be joining this year), licensors,
production companies to technology/
service providers for content distribu-
tion and creation - experts from each
stages of content creation will be able
to inspire one another, share ideas and
find solutions to create and materialize
new content.
Previous show participants were able
to make successful business during and
after the show period. Some comments
from visitors to the previous’ year CON-
“We visited the show to look for su-
perior production companies, and we
were able to have meetings with five
exhibitors. We are planning to make
orders worth between USD 7,000 and
USD 30,000 for production of programs
and title CGs.”
“We showcased our content delivery
solutions this year and had 200 busi-
ness meetings with various content
holders including TV stations, movie
companies and publishers. We are ex-
pecting to gain orders amount to USD
Funward Ltd.
“This show helped us to expand our
sale, because we could meet with many
visitors from various industries in one
exhibition. This year we had business
discussions with many companies such
as event companies, audio companies
and video production companies. Now
we are following up 5 deals and ex-
pecting to gain orders amount to USD
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
“We were looking for a new operat-
ing system for broadcasting. Thus we
and discussed with some exhibitors.
Now we are evaluating some products.
If it is adopted, the order will be USD
“We could find 6 strong leads who
deal stationery, lifestyle accessories,
and game software, etc. Also, we met
potential agents who help us to develop
business in the Japanese market.”
JASMIN from ‘Toe the bulldog’ France
“About 400 people visited our booth
and we found many potential new li-
censees. We also had meetings with al-
ready negotiating licensees to close the
deal at the show, having face to face
meetings with top-level persons of the
exhibitor from the UK
Launched in 2013, CONTENTS TO-
KYO has initially been focused on Japa-
nese exhibits but the organiser, Reed
Exhibitions Japan aims establish the
show into the largest business platform
in Asia and extend out further to the
“Japan is already well known for its
creativity, high quality products/ser-
vices but what we see in the media
and in everyday life is only the tip of
the iceberg. There are infinite num-
bers of creators, producers, licensors,
distributors itching to share their new
ideas and products. One of the reasons
for the launch of the show in 2013 is
to provide somewhere for such profes-
sionals to share and create business. As
the freedom and transparency of digital
content creation is expanding, we be-
lieve CONTENTS TOKYO will satisfy the
industry’s needs.”
says Keisuke Amano,
Show Director of CONTENTS TOKYO,
Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. He added
“As well as providing a stage for such
professionals from Japan to showcase
their exhibits, we strongly encourage
professionals from overseas to utilise
the show too. The market conditions for
entertainment/media, consumer/end
user spending, merchandising licensed
products is mature and strong in Japan.
Thus by organising CONTENTS TOKYO,
we aim to provide overseas players a
strong base to tap into the Japanese
market. This show is truly an interac-
tive, entertaining, one of a kind show
setting the trends for future contents
business and I hope industry players
would be able to enjoy it as well as hav-
ing a very fruitful experience.”
If you are interested in exhibiting
contact Show Management
Tel: +81-3-3349-8519
Registration for free invitation
tickets are available online at
and the online show directory can
be viewed at
For further information, visit the
official show website
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