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09-10/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
The EnviroReel
cable dispenser in use
at a customer site
8. This is Marcelo Galindo. He's been
working for DIRECTV for seven years
and installs satellite dishes. He tells us,
"When I arrive at a customer location, the
first thing I do is set up safety cones to
protect the van."
9. After Marcelo Galindo has spoken
with the customer and determined what
work needs to be done (in this case it's
an expansion of the satellite system),
he checks out the security form. For
this customer he takes note that there's
a dog on the property as well as how
dangerous the dog is. Every step is
documented so that there can be no
argument or misunderstanding at a later
10. This is what the inside of the
EnviroReel cable dispenser looks like:
the cable reel is already half empty. It
won't be long before Marcelo Galindo will
need to replace it with a new reel.
11. Now he's ready: Marcelo Galindo has
put on his safety helmet and his safety
gloves; now he's pulling the coax cable
out of the EnviroReel cable dispenser.
12. When needing to pull cable, he'll
simply take the EnviroReel cable
dispenser wherever he needs the cable.
The carrying handle makes it easy to
carry even if the reel were still full.
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