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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014
„Transportability. The install-
ers first have to transport the
cable reels to the installation
location. The EnviroReel has a
single handgrip. Then it has to
be easy to unroll the cable so
the cable is stored on a roll in
the EnviroReel. Since installa-
tions can often take place in
less-than-clean environments,
the cable in the EnviroReel is
completely protected. The En-
viroReels can also be easily
stacked or, quite the opposite,
the box won‘t mind if you just
toss it in your car.“ Additional
advantages include, for exam-
ple, protection against mois-
ture: standard cable boxes
quickly soften up due to mois-
Then there is safety, so high
on DIRECTV’s agenda: “The
EnviroReel cable dispenser
has an integrated handle de-
16. In the warehouse Logistics
Operations Manager Javier
Tolentino shows us the
spare coax cable rolls for the
EnviroReel cable dispenser.
They are shipped to the
warehouse on these pallets.
17. Close-up view of a cable
roll. It contains extremely high
quality cable, the only type
authorized by DIRECTV.
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