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Alexander Wiese
Test Center
Perfect Vision - EnviroReel
Coaxial Cable Dispenser
09-10/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
sign, which is a safer alter-
native than a cardboard box
that does not. This allows for
much easier lifting and han-
dling of the cables.”
The EnviroReel has quickly
gained acceptance with DI-
RECTV satellite system in-
stallers. One of DIRECTV’s
service station for their own
satellite installers is in Riv-
erside, California, near Los
Angeles. 68 technicians are
concentrated here.
Once a week on Thursday
they meet here and pick up
the latest information on
what DIRECTV has planned.
Mostly though they load up
their service vans with new
supplies. We spoke with the
technicians: „A 1000-foot
(300-meter) roll of cable lasts
on average about three days.“
The single coax cable without
ground wire is the most often
used cable while the single
cable with ground wire comes
in second. „The ratio is about
20 to 1 for the single cable.“
Typically, an installer will
have two EnviroReel boxes
in their vans with these two
types of cables. „We also usu-
ally run with one or two spare
rolls of 1000-foot (300m)
single coax cable, so that we
can reload the EnviroReel any
The DIRECTV installers are
paid by the job. That means
they‘d like to avoid as many
delays as possible.
„That‘s why we like Enviro-
Reel so much; it allows us to
work much more efficiently“,
says Alex Talentino. He’s the
supervisor of all 68 techni-
cians in DIRECTV’s Riverside
service station. He’s been
working with the company for
five years. “We were the first
operation to begin using the
EnviroReel. That was back in
April 2013.“ Each technician
is given two EnviroReel ca-
ble dispensers and none of
them want to part with these
PerfectVision has created
a simple solution that puts
to bed an age-old frustrating
problem with coax cable rolls.
It has undergone many stag-
es of development and now
solves many other practical
problems simultaneously, all
without any electronics or
software. It‘s just a mechani-
cal tool.
And development isn’t over:
PerfectVision is busy expand-
ing EnviroReel with more use-
ful add-ons. Most welcomed
by the technicians is a roller
bag, which no longer requires
the dispenser to carry but
allows the EnviroReel cable
dispenser to roll along (like
an airport suitcase). Equally
awaited by the technicians
is a smaller 500’ cable dis-
penser and a shoulder bag
for easy carrying it along to
where the cable is needed.
And lastly PerfectVision is
expanding the system to also
offer category cable (aka Eth-
ernet cable) and thus expand-
ing the range of potential us-
ers to include the technicians
installing data network sys-
PerfectVision has clearly
created a completely new
product segment, which it
can now expand to several
new areas, where cables of
any types need to be carried
along by the technicians.
● Simplifies the Installers work
● Coax cable is always protected
● Easier handing of coax cable
● Fast and easy swapping of cable rolls
● Very environmentally friendly thanks to limited use of packing
● none
18. The empty EnviroReel boxes are also shipped out from this
warehouse. It can be ordered by anyone for US$40.00. 40,000 of
these EnviroReel boxes have already been produced and 35,000
of them are in use by satellite installers across the USA. The
EnviroReel boxes themselves are manufactured in the USA in
Colorado; the cable comes from China.
19. This is how it used to be: warehouse employee Mirna shows
us a cable roll in cardboard packaging. PerfectVision ships this
version to satellite installers that haven't yet switched over to
the EnviroReel cable dispenser.
20. PerfectVision also offers other types of cable that are
primarily used in cable head-end stations and in cable
distribution centers. They are smaller in circumference and are
available in different colors. PerfectVision is also working on an
EnviroReel solution for this type of cable; four of these narrower
cable rolls fit in one EnviroReel cable dispenser.
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