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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 09-10/2014
with premium audio amplifi-
ers, which are similar in size,
it is big for a reason: there’s
a huge power transformer
inside the chassis. Large
transformers like that gen-
erally need to be protected
and cooled, but since a fan
can be the source of really
annoying noise, the Titanium
ASC1 was constructed with
two steel plates with air in-
lets on the side to keep eve-
rything cool.
So why does the Tita-
nium ASC1 need such a
large transformer inside in
the first place? Because in
this way it can drive actua-
tors that draw as much as 5
1. Unzipping the archive shows the two files: the binary file for the
firmware and a text file explaining the firmware changes
2. The new firmware has been successfully loaded into the Titanium
Amps. Take the largest polar
mount you can find, install
it on the biggest dish you
can buy and the Titanium
ASC1 can drive it without
any effort. Other position-
ers provide much less power
and therefore would have a
much harder time trying to
move heavy dishes.
Another unique aspect of
the Titanium ASC1 is the
fact that it can work as a
standalone device. It easily
replaces older generation
receivers that have an inte-
Before we tried out the
Titanium ASC1 in the field
we checked the Titanium
website (
- and downloaded
its latest firmware. In fact,
Titanium does invest a lot of
resources improving every
detail of the Titanium ASC1 and as a result, the
user can benefit from frequent firmware upgrades.
The upgrade process is very simple: just down-
load the ZIP archive containing the binary file.
Laudable: a text file is included which lists all
changes of the firmware. After unzipping the firm-
ware binary file (*.bin extension), we just had to
use the included Titanium Loader/Editor software
and select the Firmware Upgrade function. We
were asked to select the firmware file and to press
a button to start the process, which took less than
one minute. We appreciated the fact that the soft-
ware confirmed that the firmware has in fact been
flashed correctly: it is always nice to get that kind
of feedback.
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