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1 -12/2014 —
TELE-audiovision International —
If you sell some 500 receiv-
ers a month, you have every
reason to be proud of what
you have achieved. Ling is the
one to be congratulated on
that enormous success, even
though most people only re-
fer to her as ‘Aling’, which is
Chinese for auntie Ling. In the
confusing maze that makes
up the electronics market
of Shenzhen she is one of
the most successful figures.
Thousands and thousands of
usually tiny shops sell every-
thing that remotely fits under
the umbrella term electronics.
With so much competition all
around, you need to stick out
from the crowd – and Aling
does just that: Her specialty
are new digital DTMB receiv-
ers from the Tsinghwa brand,
the latest model of which
we introduce in this issue of
Not far from Huaquiang
Road underground sta-
tion and right in one of the
huge shopping complexes on
Huaquiang Road is the so-
called Shenzhen International
Electronic Market, where you
can find Aling’s small busi-
ness in the far back of the
ground floor. She’s been a
regular here since 2006, yet
she reveals that she’s been
in the business since as early
as 1997. “In actual fact, I’m
a dressmaker by profession,
but when my sister opened
her own electronics shop
many years ago I helped out
as an assistant.” Later, Aling
decided to become self-em-
ployed and today she runs her
own business. “I started out
Look for the test report of the Tsinghwa DTMB digital TV
receiver in this issue of TELE-audiovision. Thanks to its excellent
performance it is hugely popular in China and Hong Kong (both
countries use the terrestrial DTMB standard for digital television).
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