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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
with selling satellite receiv-
ers and dishes,” she goes on,
“but that line of business has
gradually declined.”
Nonetheless, she still sells
satellite components: “Some
15 antennas go over the
counter each month, ranging
from small 45cm dishes to the
occasional 1.8m and 2.4m an-
tenna.” You won’t, however,
see any antennas on display
inside her small store – all of
them are warehoused at an-
other site.
Business with digital TV
receivers for the Chinese
DTMB terrestrial transmission
standard has picked up enor-
mously in recent times. “De-
mand is particularly strong
in Hong Kong,” Aling explains
and has a surprising revela-
tion in store: “The huge ma-
jority of customers export
newly purchased receivers to
Hong King right away. There
are entire groups who travel
here from Hong Kong, pur-
chase all the items they need
and bring them back home.”
What’s the point of coming
to Shenzhen of all places to
buy television receivers in the
first place? It’s the unbeatable
deals Aling offers on DTMB re-
ceivers. “We even throw in a
full one-year-warranty,” Aling
proudly adds.
The Tsinghwa DTMB re-
ceiver has made it to the top
of the list of Aling’s best sell-
ing products, with a total of
500 receivers changing hands
every month.
Many receivers are sold in
a package complete with the
right UHF antenna, of which
Aling offers a large variety as
well. IPTV receivers have also
gained in popularity, with ap-
proximately 200 of them be-
ing sold in an average month.
Added to that are meters for
DVB-C signals and a full range
of digital TV accessories such
as HDMI cables and splitters.
When we browsed the
shelves of Aling’s shop we
even discovered repeaters
for mobile phone coverage.
“They sell well, particularly
with customers in new hous-
ing estates, who want to make
sure they have reliable cover-
age throughout their home.”
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