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1 -12/2014 —
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The one thing Aling does not
have enough of is free time.
She can be found in her small
shop every day of the week
from 9:30 in the morning un-
til 7 in the evening. Her little
brother often helps out and
she also employs a staff of
two. Time and again she con-
templates moving to another
location where she could use
larger premises. But there is
a reason she has never re-
ally taken that step: “We have
very loyal customers who have
been doing business with us
for many years and who keep
coming back. It’s probably
better to stay right where we
1, 2. Interesting niche products: repeaters for GSM (above) and
CDMA (below) signals.
3. Selling well: satellite signal meter. The Chinese characters mean
‘hot seller.’
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