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TELE-audiovision International — The World‘s Leading Digital TV Industry Publication
— 1 -12/2014
10. If it’s not only one receiver that needs testing but several,
this rack is the solution. Up to eight receivers can be
connected to it simultaneously, four of which are subjected to
a round robin test run. The benefit of such a set-up: While one
receiver is tested, the previous receiver with a completed test-
run can be exchanged for a new one. This way, each receiver
requires only two to three minutes for a thorough evaluation
and thanks to simultaneous test runs of several receivers at
the same time up to 60 devices can be checked in one hour.
The question that now arises is: Who needs that kind of
in-depth testing? For once it’s manufacturers that look for top
quality. Or receiver manufacturers that pick out samples from
their production line for random tests. Top-tier manufacturers,
in particular, make use of this quality assurance process,
since it allows them to issue a test certificate for each tested
receiver, guaranteeing full compliance with all required
The software is based on the bar code system with a specific
coded label on the back panel of each receiver. All connections
for the receivers are equipped with standard retail cables
which can easily be exchanged once they’re starting to wear
out. This is particularly important since the high frequency of
plugging in and unplugging those cables causes considerable
wear and tear.
BBT Automatic Receiver Testing
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